Stanley & Stella - die neue Marke!

Stanley & Stella, behind the scenes!

A small team… with big ideas !

Stanley & Stella it’s 18 people dedicated to give and develop the best collection for people who will wear it! The ideas come from Belgium where we are settled from the start when we launched the brand in January 2012.
And the productions of our items is made in Turkey, Portugal and Romania (for some styles) and in Pakistan and Bangladesh where we have a local office with people visiting daily the factories. We all work with a real team spirit, always sharing ideas from all departments. We are all passionate by our work but also sharing the same values in which we can include the “sustainability” and fashion. To develop consciously every item of the collection, or choose the colours we work with specialized designers and trendsetters directly coming from the retail market. Quality lies in details. We take care of every detail, finishing & colour. That’s what makes the difference with our styles. And because sustainability is the cherry on the cake, we only work with sustainable materials like organic cotton and Tencel®. Our cotton is directly bought to small producers through local cooperatives. The fabrication of our products are made only in factories with an excellent social conditions level. Verified and controlled by the FairWear Foundation. But also factories that respect the environment standards and can deliver the right certificates.
At Stanley & Stella we really want to act differently and change things on the textile industry.  This is a start but we really want to go further and we know that everything takes time. But we are all convinced that it’s possible and if we combine the efforts of everyone another way to make fashion will appear. And… we have big ideas and we act to realize this project.

Audrey Bacherius

Communication Manager
Stanley and Stella SA